One of my favorite features of id8tr is the “looks like” page that displays images that are shaped similarly to your search term. This is a great way to think about whatever item it is that you are concerned with and explore ways that it could be improved, perhaps, or made different or more interesting.

The title above was made using this feature by simply asking id8tr to find items that are shaped similarly to the letters of the word “creativity.” It is important to note that this feature only considers the shape of the object, not its color or purpose or use, only the contours of the shape.

It was built in part by training a convolutional neural network on a large corpus of images. And, of course, like any system under development, some of the results are going to be better than others – you might have to think creatively about why the system suggested certain things, but if you look hard, I bet you will be able to see some similarities.

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